Professional Credits

Comic Book Work: 2015
Rat Queens Special: Braga #1 (Image Comics)
The Rascals

Comic Book Work: 2014
London, Where It All Began
The Rascals

Comic Book Work: 2013
Una The Blade
Liberator: Anchor Point (Black Mask)
Jenny's City

Lisa Loeb Music Video: No Fairy Tale 2013- character design and illustrations
Lisa Loeb Album Cover: No Fairy Tale 2012

Film and Television: 2012-2013
Game of Thrones Season 3: Blue Ray Exclusive Animated Video
Histories & Lore: The Riverlands
Movie Poster (not yet released)

Comic Book Work: 2010-2012
Charmed #6
Charmed #11
Charmed #19
Grimm Fairy tales #54
Wonderland Annual 2010
Michelle Obama: Year One

Magazine Work: Heavy Metal Magazine March 2007

Sketch Cards: 2005-2010
Rittenhouse Archives: Mulitple Works for Marvel
Topps: Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings
Inkworks: Hellboy, Shrek, The Spirit

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