Friday, January 23, 2015

Twitter Discussion About Representation

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  1. I said I'd name them all, and I have, though I don't have a good team name yet.

    Pic 1 (left to right):
    Grand Gardener: a venerable half-dryad with plantaekinesis (control over plants)
    Hephaesta: teenage prodigy roboticist.
    Defense Counsel: a lawyer that gained invulnerability and the ability to project forcefields. Leader of Squad A.
    Imuji: A dragon spirit that was reincarnated into the body of a Korean girl. Has the power to speak with all dragon kind, and affinity with lesser dragons, who will aid her if she desires it.

    Pic 2 (left to right):
    Wheelwoman: a seemingly ordinary girl from Canada with the supernatural ability to understand and pilot any vehicle.
    Fire Marshal: After an accident while responding to a fire at a supertech facility, this firefighter gained super strength, as well as a localized aura around herself that prevents combustion.
    Durango: A Mexican gunslinger come forward from the past, and Squad B's leader. Her six shooter is enchanted, and can be commanded to carry ammunition with many different effects.
    Malu: A woman of Samoan decent that has magical tattoos, each with a specific effect that she can invoke.
    Ixchel: An avatar of the ancient Maya goddess of the same name, a powerful warrior that also has access to long-lost medicines and protection magics.

    Pic 3 (left to right):
    Alison Wonder: Most recent Champion of Wonderland. Permanent height and strength gain thanks to experimentation with Drink Me Potions. Can summon Card Soldiers with various strengths and abilities with her special Wonderland deck.
    Adiago: Has the power of spellsong, specifically being able to calm people and animals, has lesser ability to calm chemical and electromagnetic reactions (such as weather)
    Lobdella Lovelace: Steampunk gadgeteer, and Ada Lovelace's adopted daughter, stranded in the modern world after an accident with H.G. Wells's Time Machine.
    Dragon Knight: the daughter of St. George and a chinese storm dragon. Leader of Squad C.